Intelligent tooth shape
Premium quality with a comprehensive standard program
Efficiency champion
Finish cut quality

Not all saws are the same. Schäffer plans and develops in a customer- and application-oriented way. This is one of the reasons why we are the preferred partner of industry and trade in a worldwide dealer network.

For every problem and every application the suitable innovative solution

  • Chip area design
  • Axis angle
  • Quiet running by special laser ornaments

The suitable solution for every application
Saw recommendation with tooth shape and application data resp. advice and proposals for challenging applications.

  • for ALU profiles with wall thickness 1-3 mm
  • for ALU profiles with wall thickness 2-5 mm
  • for ALU profiles with wall thickness 4-10 mm
  • for solid ALU material

For double miter-box saws, table saws, automatic saws, chip saws, bar processing centers

Soft-Cut saw blades for optimal processing of plastic products of various types.

PVC profiles reinforced with glass fiber or rock wool

PVC profiles with rubber lip

Multi-component materials

  • Tooth shapes matched to material G5, G6, G7 or G10
  • axis angle for reducing the cutting pressure per tooth
  • Smooth cut, cutting easily and cleanly.
  • Long-life cycle with good cutting quality.

Schäffer panel sizing saws ensure particularly long service lives and properly clean cuts when sizing coated panels.

Features and benefits of panel sizing saws create added value
through price-performance optimized cutting

  • TR/FZ – universal saw blade with trapezoidal/flat teeth to be used on pressure beam machines ideal for veneered wood-based materials, plywood, blockboard and raw particle board panels
  • Large tooth height ideal for varying resharpening options
  • solid steel blade

Good tool life in finished cut quality even for materials with
sensitive top layers

  • New saw design for finish cuts on horizontal panel sizing saws
  • Steel blade with reduced vibration behavior and very smooth running
  • new tooth geometries G5 and G6 are combined for a significant noise reduction in the overall process

Advantages with diamond tipping

  • Long service lives on the pressure beam machines
  • Special diamond qualities
  • Steel blade design with special ornaments for increased service life
  • Best vibration-reducing properties
  • High cutting performance and quality over the entire life cycle

High quality Schäffer saws with a diameter of 80-800 mm have proven to be the preferred solution for many different applications.

  • Panel sizing saws, saw blades for plastic and aluminum processing, format circular saw blades, hogging saws, cut-off saws, grooving saws.

Contact us and we are pleased to offer you the saw blades you require at short notice.